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Basic Education

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144 - Formação de professores do ensino básico (1.º e 2.º ciclos)
Number: R/A-Ef751/2011/AL01
No. dispatch/concierge: Despacho n.º 13402/2014
1º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Motor Skills Summer Semester
Chemistry for Education Summer Semester
Sociology of Education Summer Semester
Introduction to the Study of the Literary Text Summer Semester
Language, Logics and Communication Summer Semester
Introduction to Professional Practice I: Contexts and Profiles Summer Semester
Multimedia Information and Communication Technologies Summer Semester
Physics for Education Winter Semester
Developmental Psychology and Education Winter Semester
Grammar of Communication Winter Semester
Mathematics Culture and Knowledge Winter Semester
Portuguese Ethnographical Studies Winter Semester
Drama Skills Winter Semester
2º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Theory of Education Summer Semester
Geometry Summer Semester
Introduction to Professional Practice II: Observation and Cooperation in Educational Contexts Summer Semester
Musical Skills Summer Semester
Special Education and Inclusion Summer Semester
Language Acquisition and Development Summer Semester
Art Skills Winter Semester
Portuguese Contemporary Literature Winter Semester
History and Geography of Portugal I Winter Semester
Figures and Structures Winter Semester
Geosciences Winter Semester
Language Structure and Functioning Winter Semester
3º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Introduction to Professional Practice III: Observation and Cooperation in Educational Contexts Annual
Didactics of Mathematics Summer Semester
Language, Culture and Citizenship Summer Semester
Memories, Identities and Cultures Summer Semester
Biology and Ecology for Education Summer Semester
Oral Literary Heritage Summer Semester
Option II Summer Semester
Option III Summer Semester
Scientific Literacy and Culture Summer Semester
Option IV Summer Semester
Local Studies: Spaces and Society Summer Semester
Mathematics, Materials and Technologies Summer Semester
Health Education Summer Semester
Sexuality and Life Quality Summer Semester
Communication and Expression Workshop Summer Semester
Expressions Project Summer Semester
Didactics of Natural Sciences Winter Semester
Didactics of the History and Geography of Portugal Winter Semester
Children's Literature and Promotion of Reading Winter Semester
Spaces for Mathematics Intervention Winter Semester
History and Geography of Portugal II Winter Semester
Introduction to the Didactics of the Portuguese Language Winter Semester
Didactics of Skills Winter Semester
Problem Solving Winter Semester
Option I Winter Semester
Organization and Processing of Data Winter Semester
Elementary Mathematics and Materials Winter Semester

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