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Culture is a proof of civilisation. The ability to get emotional together while watching a theatre play or at a concert is what makes us human. Moreover, such events also serve a gregarious purpose of gathering people with a common taste for public performances. For that to be possible, cities must have the appropriate spaces where cultural events may be held and thrive.

Apart from an extensive partnership programme with different important cultural agents of the city — Casa da Música, São João National Theatre, Soares dos Reis Museum and the Serralves Foundation—, P.PORTO owns cultural equipment that may be materialised into a stage (real or metaphorical) for all the arts.

The most widely-known is perhaps Helena Sá e Costa Theatre, inaugurated in 2000, bearing the name of a Porto's pianist, the granddaughter of the founder of Porto's Music Conservatory. The School of Music and the Performing Arts houses Francisco Beja Café-Concert. In a different cultural area, the former Parada Leitão Museum, now the Museum of the Porto School of Engineering, houses a collection of scientific-teaching instruments, which constitute almost a time capsule, where the great technological advancements in the area of engineering may be appreciated.

For these and many other reasons, we are proud of being a higher education institution that values, preserves, shields and treasures all cultural and art forms.

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