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Useful information

P.PORTO sports activities complete and exalt human existence and contribute to an improved and more complete academic training.

That is why we promote sports in our community, either with sports facilities, with the most diverse activities, or through ongoing support provided by the Sports Centre to all sports students. This sports incentive at P.PORTO is fully embedded in the Student-Athlete status and its National and International Sports Merit Grants. Strategic alliances and collaboration with Sports entities (public and private) have been priority, so as to foster synergies that allow the P.PORTO community’s chances of success to increase.

Protocols with other higher education institutions (such as the University of Porto), with national federations and associations (tennis, volleyball, korfball and handball) and with sports clubs and academies (Linha de Onda – Escola de Bodyboard, Douro Marina Sailing Academy) provide more and better conditions for our sports.

Thus, it has been possible to gradually implement relevant sports projects, such as the School of Tennis (Escola de Ténis) and Beach Volleyball Training Centre (Centro de Treino de Alto Rendimento de Voleibol de Praia), the latter in collaboration with the Portuguese Volleyball Federation.

The creation of partnerships has not only been limited to external institutions, but also within P.PORTO, with an open call to all interested parties. A good example is the conversion project of the sports hall into cardio fitness and physiotherapy rooms, a joint effort between the Sports Centre in articulation with the Sports Courses available at ESTSP.

In order to encourage sport participation in the community, P.PORTO has also carried out additional initiatives with great social impact. The Student-Athlete status, for example, allows its expansion to more students, the assignment National and International Sports Merit Grants, always from comprehensive training perspective and recognition of the effort and dedication of all students involved.

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