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The P. PORTO Card stems from a partnership between the Polytechnic of Porto and the Santander Totta bank.

It is intended for all members of the P.PORTO academic community (faculty, researchers, assistant staff, students), with the exception of the Porto School of Engineering, which manages their student and staff cards autonomously.

Application Form/Photo

For the P.PORTO   Card to be issued you will have to fill in the Form-Photo application form, either digitally or manually. The digital application is a two-step process. On-line filling of the form made available by the card issuers and printing of a hard copy of the Form-Photo document. After having made the on-line option, the user must validate his/her data by providing a hard-copy of the form or its registration number at one of the kiosks or branches of the Santander Totta bank assigned to the project and located either in the Organic Units (OU) or at the Polytechnic's Secretariat.

In the case of manual applications, hard-copy forms are handed by the Santander Totta bank representatives in the different OU, usually at specific times such as the enrollment period. At other times the Form-Photo form can be requested and filled out at one of the University Kiosks or at the Santander Totta branch closest to each OU.

Useful information

Personal information concerning P.Porto community members is strictly confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than card issuance.
Download here all the information concerning the P.Porto Card.

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