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ESMAE’s Symphony Orchestra | RuiPinheiro©


P.PORTO is particularly good in the musical scene. Which is not an accident. It is the direct consequence of the work and dedication of students, teaching staff, performers, producers and musicians.

It is the result of the work done in the degrees of Voice, Jazz, Music Production and Ancient Music, for example; the work of the Music and Performing Arts Research Group (NIMAE); the technical support given by the Audio services of the School of Music and the Performing Arts; the work of groups such as the ESMAE Symphony Orchestra and ESMAE Symphony Band, Chamber and Baroque Music; the impact of events such as the Semana PTM, Festival ESMAE, Festival Harmos, Rampa Jazz or International Course in Ancient Music.

It is also because of the Jazz Sessions held at the Francisco Beja Cafe-Concert, already a cult object and a weekly mandatory event for many people from P.PORTO community (and outside), because of the uncountable academic groups we have and finally because of the national and international recognition such groups have amassed with their performances and the many awards bestowed on them.