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Innovating is part of everyday ESTG because we have many types of talent. Here these capabilities are put to the service of turning ideas into initiatives.

Our formative model promotes innovation because from the first cycle we promote curricular units oriented towards entrepreneurship. ESTG is involved in technology transfer processes, whether through the provision of technology consulting services, consortium projects, patent licensing or spin-offs. This is our differentiating element.

Research and development, industrial and intellectual property, technology transfer and knowledge, social innovation and technology-based, creative industries, entrepreneurship, incubation, spin-offs, startups - these are some of the concepts we are currently dealing with in the construction of the future. It is in this context that ESTG provides support services to the definition, promotion and stimulation of innovation policies in the fields of the knowledge economy and entrepreneurship, clearly becoming a partner for the transformation and strengthening of competitiveness.

We want, in a determined way, to promote generations of proactive, irreverent and daring entrepreneurs. It is these people who in the future will make a difference in their contribution to the organizations where they will work, or through the companies and the consequent jobs they can create.

Another way of achieving this interaction with society is in the form of a group of joint ventures that may be non-profit private associations, limited liability companies, commercial limited liability companies, limited liability public service cooperatives or even foundations.

With open arms to people, projects and companies, we are convinced of the importance of the exchange between the domain of knowledge and the domain of entrepreneurship. We believe in talent, we suspect it is impossible.