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Instrumentation Engineering and Metrology

MSc: 2 years ( 120 ECTS units ) Transversal to all areas of engineering, metrology supports measurement systems for the economic, health, safety and environmental sectors. It is a key technology infrastructure for current and future industry. Aligned with quality systems, it is and essential of the entire production process, from conception to distribution, contributing to technological progress, performance improvement and standards optimization. With the MSc in Instrumentation Engineering and Metrology, ISEP teaches a unique course in Portugal, specializing engineers in advanced management of measurement systems, advanced calculus of uncertainty, materials analysis and control and instrumentation in the fields of nanotechnology and imaging. The programme is structured in accordance with the opinions of entrepreneurs, industry experts and accredited labs and is taught by a highly qualified faculty through a modular philosophy. Throughout the course, students analyse research projects in key aspects of process engineering, product and quality. Students also benefit from regular contacts with industry experts during technical seminars and field trips to labs. Schedule Evening Schedule: Friday, afternoon and evening, and Saturday, morning and afternoon. Partnerships In recent years, students developed their final project in companies like  Caetano Aeronautic , Continental , Bosch Car Multimédia Portugal , Nanium , Força Aérea Portuguesa , Instituto Eletrotécnico Português , Bacelar ? Equipamentos Médicos , IPQ and research groups such as CIETI and CIMSaúde, among others.


N.º Despacho/Portaria: 9220/2012
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Industrial Controls and Automation 1st Semester
Materials characterization I 1st Semester
Instrumentation and Metrology in Nanotechnology 1st Semester
Applied Metrology I 1st Semester
Industrial Robotics 1st Semester
Project Management (optional) 1st Semester
Business Administration (optional) 1st Semester
Quality Tools (optional) 1st Semester
Materials characterization II 2st Semester
Instrumentation and Metrology in Nanotechnology 2st Semester
Applied Metrology II 2st Semester
Computer Controlled Systems 2st Semester
Experimental Statistics and Data Analysis (optional) 2st Semester
Reliability and Maintenance (optional) 2st Semester
Operations Research (optional) 2st Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Open Source Metrology Computation 1st Semester
Image Metrology 1st Semester
CT and MRI Systems 1st Semester
Dissertation / Project / Professional Training Annual