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Porto Executive Academy

We educate the best managers so that they set up the best companies. National and internationally.

Porto Executive Academy (PEA P.PORTO) is another catalyst of the Polytechnic of Porto's relation with the surrounding community, namely the region's business fabric. PEA has a relevant standing on manager training, on in-company training, on high quality corporate consultancy services and on applied scientific research.

Porto Executive Academy strives to meet a challenge: to become a beacon of Corporate Education for Senior Managers and of the promotion of management skills in Portugal.

As an Executive Academy, we intend to be a centre for skills and expertise in cross-disciplinary areas, with a special focus on Small and Medium-Sized Companies.

The Academy has short, average and long term corporate training programmes, both in the cross disciplinary areas of technical skills (hard skills) for organisational corporate action and for managers' personal areas (soft skills). Together with its experienced and highly qualified teaching staff, PEA strives to become a partner for companies. Both a learning and a success partner.

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