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School of Management and Technology

 The unique institution of higher education inserted in the region of Vale do Sousa and Baixo Tâmega, the School of Technology and Management has been consolidating, since 1999, as a reference in the approximation between the worlds of education and of the companies.

The creation of this School was due to two specific circumstances. The first was related to the existence of a public void of education in the Tâmega and Sousa region and the second to the existence of a complex and diversified business fabric characterized by the existence of small / medium production units, Industrial dominance and monosectorial expression.

Reference in the articulation between Higher Education and the business fabric, always oriented to the employability and needs of the region.

With a formative model oriented to the resolution of concrete problems, this School is an excellent example in the creation of partnerships with relevant entities and numerous companies surrounding the area of Greater Porto, cementing the status of Technological Park of the region year after year thanks to the 1200 students , Seven degrees and other masters degrees.

The entire training offer is geared towards a strategy of collaboration with the surrounding social fabric and the promotion of sustainable development in the region. In addition to Solicitadoria, our courses cover areas of technology management such as Business Sciences, Work Safety and Environment, Computer Security or Computer Engineering. We train professionals prepared for the demands of an increasingly complex and specialized labor market.

Always focused on employability.

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