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4th Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsibility Research 2017 | Porto



08 > 09.06.2017 · 09:15 > 14:30


Porto | Biblioteca Almeida Garrett

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In an unstable and volatile context, it is undeniably critical to reflect about new trends on business and society. As organizations encounter serious pressures from consumers, users, community groups, and NGOs, while, simultaneously, face intensive competition in the global economy, they are gradually compelled to recognize the demands of ethics and social responsibility.

Many organizations are nowadays emphasizing their ethical standards and social responsibility – not only in avoiding fraud or injustice, but also in promoting quality of life and sustainable use of resources in the societies they operate in. There is an urgent need to find a balance between the values they want to defend and the practices they are willing to implement. Several organizations’ practices are still largely market based and, currently, one of the most important question for organizations is how ethics and social responsibility can be integrated in decision-making processes. Therefore, it is necessary to promote a deeper scientific understanding of the current challenges in the CSR, ethics and sustainability domains as well as to identify and share best practices and innovative initiatives in order to inform, alert, sensitize and provide tools and methodologies to incorporate ethical and social responsible actions, aiming to make progress on the path towards sustainability.

This is the context of the 4th Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsibility Research. Researchers and academics are invited to submit their papers in English for the event, bringing their valuable contributions to the field.