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Publicado em: 28 Setembro 2017

Investigador do CIICESI edita o livro “Knowledge, Learning and Innovation”

Vitor Braga, investigador do CIICESI e docente na ESTG, juntamente com as investigadoras Carla Susana Marques da Universidade de Trás os Montes e Alto Douro e Vanessa Ratten da La Trobe University na Austrália, editam livro sobre conhecimento, aprendizagem e inovação. O livro coloca conhecimento, aprendizagem e inovação no cerne de colaborações entre setores e fornece pesquisas interessantes sobre as formas de as empresas se envolverem em colaboração, pelas mais diferentes perspetivas.

 Fornece ainda, uma visão inovadora das colaborações intersectoriais, onde os três conceitos, conhecimento, aprendizagem e inovação são amplamente explorados e justificados em termos de perspetivas e aplicações conceituais.

Os autores têm trabalhos de pesquisa desenvolvidos na Malásia, Turquia, França, Portugal, Indonésia e Austrália. O referido livro fornece novas ideias sobre formas de estimular a colaboração entre setores, sendo que apresenta diversos métodos e abordagens para unificar as dimensões do conhecimento, aprendizagem e inovação e discute como a colaboração pode ser criada, sustentada e expandida.


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“Knowledge, Learning and Innovation” edited by Vanessa Ratten, Vitor Braga and Carla Susana Marques offers interesting and novel perspectives on a crucial topic for the management and growth of small family-owned firms: cross-sector collaborations. Prior literature acknowledges the relevance of collaborations between organizations from different sectors in order to promote the production of knowledge and innovation. The present book integrates such body of knowledge by providing several interesting real-world cases that illustrate in detail how small and medium firms worldwide can learn and innovate effectively via such inter-organizational relationships. “Knowledge, Learning and Innovation” is composed by 12 chapters written from authors from all around the world (e.g., Portugal, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey and many more). These chapters deal with a variety of topics such as business quality, value co-creation, customer experience management, gender & social entrepreneurship, social ties by reporting detailed business cases, rich of practical insights for book readers. "

Dr Francesco Schiavone, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy



"The book titled “Knowledge, learning and Innovation: Research Insights on Cross-Sector Collaboration” is composed of 12 chapters with 40 contributors and edited by three editors. The first chapter is regarded as the main reflection of the rest of other chapters, in which the issue of ‘knowledge, learning and innovation’ is comprehensively elaborated and justified in term of its conceptual perspectives and applications. In other words, the selection of works to be included in this book was obviously concurrent and appropriate."

Muhamadul Bakir, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia



"Knowledge, innovation and learning provides an innovative overview of cross-sector collaborations.  The authors of the chapters are international with research from Malaysia, Turkey, France, Portugal, Indonesia and Australia. The book provides interesting research about different ways businesses are involved in collaboration from a number of different perspectives. I highly recommend the book."

Dr Jane Menzies, Deakin University, Australia 

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