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Higher Professional Technical Course in Supervision Techniques in Construction

The Construction Supervision Technician is the qualified professional who, taking into account the project specifications, is responsible for monitoring and guiding construction works in general and for rehabilitation, from planning and preparation up to the stage of its conclusion, promoting efficiency and competitiveness and contributing to the sustainable development of organizations, with a view to continuous improvement based on the quality of processes and the promotion of environmental sustainability and the prevention and protection against professional risks.

The Construction Supervision Technician can perform functions in companies that carry out activities in the area of civil construction, design and architecture, in city councils, real estate companies; etc., as Driver / Supervisor / Supervisor / Inspector / Construction Technician, and other technical positions.


582 Construction and civil engineering
Número: R/Cr2/2021
N.º Despacho/Portaria: 4418/2021
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Technical Drawing and Introduction to CAD 1st Semester 5.0
Basic Computer Tools 1st Semester 3.0
Fundamentals of Physics 1st Semester 5.0
Construction Materials 1st Semester 6.0
Construction Planning and Shipyard Organization 1st Semester 5.0
Construction Technologies 1st Semester 6.0
Quality Control 2st Semester 4.0
Applied Statistics 2st Semester 5.0
Fundamentals of Mathematics 2st Semester 6.0
Measuring and Budgeting 2st Semester 5.0
Architecture and Specialty Projects 2st Semester 5.0
Safety at Work 2st Semester 5.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Environment at Construction 1st Semester 4.0
Communication and Leadership of Work Teams 1st Semester 5.0
Ethics and Deontology 1st Semester 2.0
Construction Supervision and Control 1st Semester 5.0
Technical English 1st Semester 3.0
Technical Installations and Construction Equipment 1st Semester 5.0
Emergency Organization and First Aid 1st Semester 6.0
Curricular Stage 2st Semester 30.0